Global Pacific Produce Inc has every year a number of charities that we donate to as part of supporting communities around the world where we operate. Global believes in giving back a portion of its profits to worthy causes that are nominated every year.

Our charitable donations include projects such as building and funding health clinics, schools, drilling deep water wells for villages without access to clean water. We also fund farming operations to feed villages in remote areas to relieve poverty. We also have a program of sponsoring children around the world to give opportunities for a better life with education, clean water and healthy food.

In addition we donate yearly to various charities in our local community of Las Vegas including:


The City Mission of Las Vegas (Feeding the Homeless)


Covenant House (Feeding and Clothing the Homeless)


St Jude Children's Research Hospital


American Association of State Troopers


Henderson Police Officers Charitable Foundation


Kennedy Kares (Children's Hospital)